Historic Birmingham Parishes

Holy Rosary is one of the older parishes in the Birmingham region, certainly having the oldest building. And since 1889 many other parishes have come and gone reflecting the ebb and flow of the Birmingham’s communities and industry. Since we get a lot of questions about parish histories and sacramental records, we started putting together a map of all the parishes, both historical ones now closed and current day. This is an ongoing project and the initial dataset is incomplete.

Find the preliminary map and dataset here.

We are still searching for several historic parishes and invite you to contact us through the Contact page if you can help! These churches include:

  • St. Lucy - a mission of St. Mark’s in the West End.

  • St. Cyril and Methodius/St. Michael - in Brookside.

  • St. Francis Xavier Mission - in Brighton

  • St. Anne - in Marvel, Bibb County

  • Jesuit Church near Brierfield Iron Works - destroyed by a cyclone in 1905