Holy Rosary Parish Maintenance

Really, by any standard, 130 years is a long time; and while we might imagine the early Flemish builders of Holy Rosary to expect their creation to last forever, we also know that Alabama weather is tough on buildings.

This Spring, the Holy Rosary community celebrates several major rebuilding projects related to our parish church. Evident to all is the sad condition of the sills and lower courses of siding on our church. And also evident to all inside the church is the sad condition of the ceiling. A roof replacement a few years ago fixed the problem but its effects still remain inside.

So in the next couple of months, we’ll be shoring up the foundation of the church, replacing the sill plates and siding, securing the ceiling, repainting the interior, and fixing a number of long-standing delayed maintenance projects.

These projects will maintain the historic character of the parish while securing its stability for the next century.